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March 1936 Nemaha County Coop was established in Seneca, Kansas. The Coop provided fuel sales and delivery, a service center, and sales of small appliances.
January 11, 1956 Charter obtained from United States Treasury Department. First Board of Directors: Stephen Brockhoff, Herbert Elliott, Willard Fairfield, Homer Jacobsen, Luther Johannes, Tom McCoy, and John Moyer
March 1, 1956 Co-op opened for business at 105 N. 5th St. in Hiawatha with two gasoline trucks owned by Lloyd McIntyre and Lester Swank, the first employees. The Co-op provided and owned the bulk gasoline tanks. Co-op sold gas at 23 ½ cents per gallon on first day of sales.
1957 Opened the farm store; it handled feed, seed, chemicals, and bag fertilizer.
1958 Purchased Powhattan Elevator from Paul Schuetz. Nemaha County purchased the Corning Feed Mill and built an elevator that year.
1959 Built more grain storage; added propane service and a feed delivery truck.
1960 Co-op provided the first full year of propane service. Total sales exceeded one-half million dollars for the first time.
1961 Nemaha County Coop purchased land in Baileyville to build another grain elevator.
August 17 & 18, 1961 Grand Opening of Farm Service Center at 9th and Oregon.
1965 Nemaha County Coop purchased a bulk fertilizer plant on the west side of Seneca from the Consumers Cooperative Association.
October 5, 1970 Lid of a 15,000-gallon fuel tank exploded in a gigantic fireball, resulting in estimated damage of $15,000.
1974 Leon Wenger invited to speak at Farmland Annual Meeting about why Brown County Co-op is so successful.
1975 Nemaha County Coop built a new grain elevator in Seneca, which now holds 1,080,000 bushels, on land purchased from Henry Wessel.
1977 Purchased Willis Elevator.
1978 Nemaha County Coop began selling propane in addition to fuel.
1980 Ag producers suffered adverse effects of President Carter’s grain embargoes.
January 28, 1981 Dry fertilizer plant catches fire.
March 1, 1981 Celebrated 25 years of service to the community. Board of Directors: Sam Bowen, Dale Brockhoff, Don Knudson, John Reese, Robert Reschke, Richard Rieger, H. Wayne Shirley
1983 Suffered under confusing government PIK (Payment In Kind) and farm programs.
1984 Nemaha County Coop purchased the CGF grain facility in Centralia, which included an office, feed mill, elevator, and fertilizer plant.
1986 Bunkers built in Hiawatha for corn and in Powhattan for milo.
1988 Regis Schmitz, manager at Nemaha County Coop, was presented the Dryer Award from Farmland
1994 Ag Dome built.
1996 Service station sold to T.O. Haas.
1997 Ampride purchased with Kansas Retail Venture Group.
July 1, 1991 Robinson Co-op merged with the Brown County Co-op.
1992 Nemaha County Coop purchased the Vliets and Lillis facilities from the Vliets Farmers Cooperative Association.
1999 Purchased Ampride from Kansas Retail Venture Group.
2000 Purchased facility in Tarkio, Mo., and changed name to Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc.
2001 Purchased one-half interest in Topeka Terminal, LLC.
2002 Midwest Ag Services opened.
2002 Farmland Industries declared bankruptcy.
2005 Completed new storage facility at Powhattan (capacity of 560,000 bushels).
2005 Sold Ampride to Kabredelo’s.
2006 Purchased Padonia and Reserve elevators from Padonia Grain Farmers.
2006 Celebrated 50 years of service to the community. Board of Directors: Howard Elliott, Jason Taylor, Larry Ewing, Neal Frost, Mark Meyer, Larry Oltjen, Mark Knudson.
2008 320,000 bushels storage added to Padonia through Condo Storage Program.
2009 320,000 bushels storage added to Robinson through Condo Storage Program.
2010 320,000 bushels storage added to Willis through Condo Storage Program.
2011 Nemaha County Coop opened their new Mr. Tire Service Center location at the south end of Seneca.
2011 197,000 gallons of Anhydrous Ammonia storage added through Condo Storage Program.
2011 Farmers Elevator Cooperative is acquired adding Sabetha and Humboldt locations.
2012 Nemaha County Coop purchased Farmers Cooperative St Marys, which included facilities in St Marys, Belvue, and Wamego.
2013 525,000 bushels storage added to Powhattan.
2013 320,000 bushels storage added to Padonia.
2013 Moved NH3 plant to the west of Willis with a total of 84,000-gallon storage.
2014 510,000 bushels storage added to Powhattan.
2014 325,000 bushels storage added to Sabetha.
2015 Self Serve Fuel location acquired from PCS in Powhattan.
2016 New Ag Shop building in Hiawatha.
2016 426,000 bushels storage added to Willis.
2016 New Sabetha office located on the east side of town.
August 1, 2016 Nemaha County Coop purchased Axtell Grain, bringing the company up to nine locations in northeast Kansas.
2016 488,000 bushels storage added to Sabetha.
2016 407,000 bushels storage added to Robinson.
2016 White Cloud and Hiawatha downtown elevators acquired.
2017 Nemaha County Coop opened their Summit fertilizer plant
2017 488,000 bushels storage added to Sabetha.
2017 636,000 bushels storage added to Padonia.
September 1, 2018 Ag Partners Cooperative and Nemaha County Coop merged into Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc.



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