Fuel Department
Try our Ruby Fieldmaster products. Our premium fuel is exactly what it professes to be, a true premium diesel fuel that gives you superior performance to standard #2 diesel. All of our Ruby products are enhanced with a small amount of biodiesel for greater engine protection. All of this combines to create a fuel that works to keep your equipment in top shape, delivering up to 4.5% more power and longer engine life. We offer all of this through competitive pricing and contracting. Whether spring or fall needs, we are here to offer you contracting and timely delivery. Our delivery personnel work hard to meet your needs. Please give our superior products and seasoned staff an opportunity to meet your needs.  

Energy Delivery Team:
Dean Spellmeier Richard Deters Mark Fields
Jeff Pilcher Brad Wessel Jacob Akin
Jeff Spring Jamie McElroy Bill Morford
Gene Lierz Marvin Clark  
VP of Energy Eric Osterhaus 785-294-2722
Certified Energy Specialist Kyle Hiltibrand 785-294-0465


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