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The Seed Department

The Seed Department of Ag Partners Cooperative works along with Monsanto, Croplan, Mycogen and Stine to provide customers with quality genetics that work best with your farm. 
We also have the capability to provide you with customized seed treatments for both corn and soybeans.  


Jeff Williams Cathy Gutshall
Seed Manager Seed Administrator
jwilliams@agpartnerscoop.com cathyg@agpartnerscoop.com
785-741-0222 785-742-2196


2016 Bean Plot Data 2016 Corn Plot Data
2016 Bean Falk Plot Ag Partners Scoby Farm Plot
2016 Bean Anthony Schreiner Plot Ag Partners Neal Frost Plot
2016 Bean Bradford Plot Ag Partners Todd Rokey Plot
2016 Bean Brock Meyer Plot Ag Partners Noll Farm Plot
2016 Bean Nannemann Plot Ag Partners Kevin Goodman Plot
2016 Bean Van Horn Cerro Gordo Plot Ag Partners Scott Williams Plot
2016 Bean Howard Farm Plot 2016 Corn Rush Plot
Ag Partners - Kundson Plot 2016 Corn Ryan Haverkamp Plot
Ag Partners - Sabetha Plot 2016 Corn McCauley Plot
Ag Partners - Larmar Plot 2016 Corn WE Noll Plot
Ag Partners - Glotz Plot 2016 Corn Lanter MD Plot


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