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Building Industry Partnerships to Benefit Growers and the Industry

Jul 10, 2019

At Ag Partners Cooperative Inc., we are your partner in production agriculture. Whether we are developing partnerships with growers or industry partners, we take pride in conducting business based on our cooperatives’ core values of honesty, integrity and teamwork.

Since its inception, Ag Partners has worked hard to establish strong relationships with industry partners. As a result of these business partnerships, the member-owners of Ag Partners can expand their opportunities in the marketplace and take advantage of additional resources. To provide our growers with additional premium opportunities, Ag Partners is a proud member of Ag Processing Inc. (AGP). AGP, the largest soybean processing cooperative in the world, is a leading supplier of soybean meal and refined vegetable oils. In addition to processing soybeans, AGP markets grains and processed commodities internationally.

The relationship Ag Partners has with AGP is an important part of our business. Through this partnership, Ag Partners growers can receive competitive bids for their grain that they may not be able to receive otherwise.  When marketing grain through AGP, Ag Partners is paid an additional premium on crops that have a higher percentage of oil and protein, and in turn, Ag Partners returns these premium dollars back to the member-owners of the cooperative. The provided table details the component premium schedule that is paid back to Ag Partners and returned to our member-owners:

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