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Delaware WRAPS is Accepting Applications NOW for Financial Assistance to Support Cover Crops on Prevented Planting Acres and other Cropland

Jun 21, 2019

Information Provided by Kerry Wedel, Delaware River WRAPS

The Delaware WRAPS (Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy) is currently seeking applications for financial assistance to establish cover crops and implement other soil health practices on cropland in designated priority areas of the Delaware River Watershed (Note: the 2019 priority areas have been expanded – see map on back page). A cover crop is a noncash crop planted to provide seasonal cover for conservation purposes such as improved soil health, erosion control, enhanced infiltration, nutrient management, weed suppression, and can also provide supplemental forage for livestock. Funding is currently available for:  1. Cover Crop Establishment on Prevented Planting Acres: Funding is available to assist a limited number of agricultural producers in establishing cover crops on cropland acres that qualify for the Prevented Planting option of the federal crop insurance program. Application deadline: July 16, 2019. 2. Cover Crop Establishment on other Cropland: Funding is available to assist agricultural producers who are not currently using cover crops in their regular cropping program and are interested in trying cover crops. Application deadline: October 1, 2019. 3. Soil Health Project: Improving soil health involves the implementation of multiple practices such as no-till residue management, diverse crop rotation and utilization of multi-species cover crops. Funding is available for a limited number of agricultural producers who are interested in incorporating these practices in a holistic manner into their current cropping program. Application deadline: September 2, 2019.   

Additional details including eligibility and program requirements, incentive payments and application forms are available online at: or contact Kerry Wedel, Delaware River WRAPS Coordinator, at 785.284.3422 or

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