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Plan Now to Protect Your Investment from Disease

Jun 14, 2019

By Levi Lehmkuhl, Region 5– Agronomist

Plant health is vital for growers to produce a sustainable and profitable crop. It is important for growers to protect their investment to ensure plant health is not compromised and their yield potential is not threatened throughout the growing season.
To be proactive, growers can apply a fungicide to corn at tassel to help prevent against diseases such as northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, common and southern rust, to name a few. It is also important to keep in mind, corn-on-corn acres may be more susceptible to these diseases. Fungicides can also help to improve plant standability, which can help to extend the harvest window.
When considering a fungicide, Ag Partners recommends Trivapro® to safeguard your investment and help protect your yield potential. Trivapro is the best in its class for delivering long-lasting, preventive and curative disease control and provides crop enhancement benefits late into the growing season.
Corn hybrids vary in their response to fungicides, and in the table provided you can see the seed hybrids sold by Ag Partners, that have the highest response to fungicide. If you planted one of these hybrids, now is the time to start having conversations with your agronomist on the next steps regarding fungicide application.
If your seed hybrid is not listed in the table, a full list of seed hybrids planted and their response to fungicide is available for you to view at Ag Partners. Please contact your Ag Partners agronomist for more information on fungicides and other precautionary measures to take to protect your seed investment.

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