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Southern Regions: Soybean Progress Update

Aug 02, 2019

Caleb Barger, Ag Partners Sales Agronomist

Across Ag Partners trade territory, there have been many challenges that vary across the board.  From early season rainfall that kept us out of the field, to diseases beginning to emerge, it has been a long, tough season so far. With favorable growing conditions through August, there is plenty of yield potential we are predicting that can be taken out of the field this fall.

As far as soybeans are concerned in the southern regions of Ag Partners, stages vary from V2-R2. As I have been walking fields with growers, I have noticed soybeans are flowering like crazy and bugs are creeping into fields. Where disease is concerned, we have favorable conditions to promote disease prevention. I have not seen a lot of disease to warrant spraying so far, but with these growing conditions it’s a great time to be in the field and see what is going on. Moving forward, there will be diseases that pop up and it will need to be treated. By not treating potential disease and pest problems, you are going to take away from your yield potential. It is important to maintain the yield potential you have with a fungicide and insecticide pass this summer.  

With post emerge applications of Xtendimax wrapping up, soybeans fields look very clean, and plants look healthy up to this point. With some rain and favorable temperatures moving forward, we could see pods beginning to set and filled with adequate grain.

Be sure you are contacting your local Ag Partners agronomist to be in the field looking for disease and insect pressure.

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