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The Importance of Increasing Your Nitrogen Availability for Plant Uptake

Jun 10, 2019

At Ag Partners, we are your partner in production agriculture. When working with our growers, we take pride in doing business based on honesty and integrity. To help provide growers with information on the latest products and technologies, our agronomists are continuously running field trials to test new products, so we are only recommending proven products that work and have data to support the results. As your partner, we want to see you succeed on-farm and produce crops as efficiently and profitably as the conditions allow.
In a current trial we are testing NZONE GL, a nitrogen management product that alters nitrogen fertilizer breakdown so that it’s captured in the soil in a stable and available form. The goal for our NZONE trial is to keep nitrogen in the top portion of the soil (the top 0-12 inches) longer than without NZONE. As growers are determining their strategic plan for the next crop year, it is important to consider a nitrogen management product, like NZONE, because in can be beneficial in these ways:
  • In the early stages of crop development, young plants with a small root system need nutrients as close to surface of the soil as possible in order to reach them.
  • Due to the wet conditions we are experiencing this spring, root development has been somewhat slowed down because of adequate soil moisture in the top 12 inches of the soil.
  • As crops get into V5 to V7 growth stages we start determining rows around and row length so having adequate access to nutrients to set potential yield is very important.
In the table below, you will see at this stage in the trial, the product is achieving our expected goal. When using NZONE, we have 36# of Nitrogen, and without the product we have 22# of Nitrogen. This is important because in the current grow period corn roots are only exploring the top 12 inches of the soil, so the more nitrogen we have in this zone, the better.
  PPM lbs./A Soil Depth (inches)
No NZONE 6 22 0-12
With NZONE 10 36 0-12
For more information on NZONE GL, and other nitrogen management products, please contact your Ag Partners agronomist.

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