Ag Partners Energy Update

Jun 25, 2019

Ag Partners Energy Update
The month of June started off very well for the Energy Department. The much needed break in the rainy weather allowed the farmers to get moving.  This in turn allowed for our trucks to move as well.

We have started working on getting our propane contracts out the door this week. If you do not receive one in the coming weeks, please give us a call. We run our reports and check the over, but it always seems as though something happens along the way. With this, we will also be starting our summer fills here before long. If you are on our Keep Full program, the guys will be around to top your tank off for you. If you are on a Call In basis, please be sure to let us know if you want your tank filled.
Another promotion going on is our “Summer Grease for Gift Cards” program. For every 4-10 pack or 35# pail of qualifying Cenex grease purchased from Ag Partners Coop, Inc. from 6/17/19-8/16/19, you will receive a $15 Visa Gift Card. Also, for every 120# keg, you will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card. Please stop by or give us a call for questions.
Finally, the month of June has been somewhat of a wild ride for the energy markets. Historically, we usually see a little pullback on prices after the Memorial Day weekend. This is exactly what has happened this year, however, it has been a pretty sizeable pullback. According to many analysts and forecasters, they are expecting crude oil prices to creep back to that $60 range later this year. This could easily add twenty to thirty cents in the price of fuel. I would strongly suggest that if you haven’t done any contracting for your fall needs, to give us a call and possibly lock in a portion of your needs.
Thank you all for your continued patronage and support to our Energy Department. We truly do appreciate your business!!
Eric Osterhaus, VP of Energy

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