Planning For Harvest 2020

Sep 13, 2019

Planning for Harvest 2020
By the Ag Partners Grain Team

When driving around the countryside it is easy to see that harvest is right around the corner. In the coming weeks, growers will be busy in the fields and will be keeping the roads busy hauling grain to Ag Partners Cooperative.
In preparation for harvest, below are a few important topics growers should be aware of before harvest begins:
  • If you have a new account or a new split account – let us know before you deliver your grain so you can avoid extra wait time when unloading. 
  • Let us know how you want your loads applied – tell the employee at the scale house whether the load should be in open storage, on a contract, or sold across the scale. 
  • Let us know when you want to be paid – we will not send out checks or deferred contracts until we hear from you.
  • Avoid mistakes – look over your tickets each day to be sure the customer name and the commodity are correct.
If you have any additional questions or concerns as it relates to harvest, please contact the Ag Partners Grain department. Ag Partners wishes you have a safe and profitable harvest!

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