Protect Your Nitrogen Investment And Boost Your Bushels

Oct 07, 2019

Protect Your Nitrogen Investment and Boost Your Bushels
By Craig Gilbert, Ag Partners Crop Nutrients Manager
At Ag Partners, we are your partner in production agriculture. When working with our growers, we take pride in doing business based on honesty and integrity. To help provide growers with information on the latest products and technologies, our agronomists are continuously conducting Local Solutions Trials to test products and inputs, so we are only recommending proven products. As your partner, we want to see you succeed on-farm and produce crops as efficiently and profitably as the conditions allow.

With Fall now here, harvest is getting into full swing, which means soon growers will start preparing for the 2020 growing season. As growers know, a balanced fertility program is vital to produce a sustainable and profitable crop. Growers also know that it is important to protect their input investments to ensure plant health is not compromised and their yield potential is not threatened throughout the growing season.
At some point during the 2020 growing season, farmers will apply nitrogen to their corn fields. It is a universal fact that nitrogen is essential for healthy crop growth. It is also known that when applying nitrogen, farmers expect to lose some of that applied nitrogen due to leaching, volatilization and/or denitrification. However, growers can protect their nitrogen investment by including a nitrogen stabilizer with their nitrogen when making the application.
Nitrogen stabilizer have been proven to improve your nitrogen efficiency use since it makes more nitrogen available for plant uptake, which can lead to improved yields. When using a nitrogen stabilizer, it helps to hold nitrogen in the top 12-inches of the soil, so it is not lost to the forms of nitrogen loss.
In a recent Local Solution Trial conducted by the Ag Partners agronomy team, data shows that that when a nitrogen stabilizer is applied with your nitrogen there is up to 17 percent more nitrogen in the top 12 inches of soil, and up to nine percent more nitrogen in the root zone of the plant. Growers have also seen an average of 6/bu. acre boost when a nitrogen stabilizer was included in their nutrient management plan.
For more information on nitrogen stabilizers, or to learn more about your nitrogen stabilizer options at Ag Partners, contact your agronomists to discuss your nutrient management plans for 2020. 

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