Start Clean in 2020

Nov 01, 2019

Start Clean in 2020

Martin Holthaus, Ag Partners Crop Protection Manager

As we are now in the thick of harvest and the 2019 yield results are starting to come in, growers are starting to turn their thoughts to 2020 and putting plans in place for next year’s crop. In preparation for the 2020 growing season, growers have the option to perform fall burndown applications to help increase their chances of having cleaner fields at planting time.

Growers may find fall burndown applications beneficial in fields that have a history of problems with winter annuals such as marestail, henbit, field pennycress, and others. The advantages of fall applications include:

  • Improved weed control
  • Reduced competition amongst plants for natural resources such as nutrients, water and sunlight
  • Spring application flexibility
  • Herbicide resistance management
  • Improved field plantability and insect control

The 2020 crop begins at harvest. Effectively controlling winter annuals prior to planting is an important first step for weed management in no-till fields. And in some fields, starting clean in 2020 will benefit from some effort this fall.

For more information about fall burndown and which products would work best for your conditions, please contact your Ag Partners agronomy account manager.

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