About Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc.

Our History

In 2018, a two-thirds majority of Nemaha County Cooperative Association and Ag Partners Cooperative members voted to merge their two organizations into one, moving forward under the Ag Partners name. Combined, the two legacy cooperatives have more than 144 years of service to their members and communities.

In September 2019, Wakefield Farmers Cooperative merged to become part of Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. Wakefield Farmers Cooperative had more than 100 years of service to its members and had been designated as a “Kansas Century Cooperative.”


Our Values

When our board of directors met for the first time after the merger that created Ag Partners, we talked about the values that are most important to us. Not surprisingly, the values that emerged from each of our legacy co-ops nearly aligned already. These core values include honesty, integrity and teamwork.

What do these words mean? To us, they mean that we will always tell you the truth—about products, services, pricing, billing and invoicing—right down to the time of day we’ll deliver fuel or apply your fertilizer. If we make a mistake, we apologize for it. You never have to worry about our motives, because we work for you.

Ag Partners Leadership

Ag Partners Board of Directors

Safety First. And Second.

When it comes to the safety of employees, customers and neighbors, safety is always our first priority. Agriculture, especially during the spring and fall “rush” seasons, is inherently more dangerous than other jobs, like banking, teaching or selling insurance.

We dedicate time each year with every single employee to make sure they understand the correct procedures and protocols for their job at our 25 coop locations and Mr. Tire store. We rely on industry best practices for every job, whether its connecting a nitrogen tank, changing a tire, or making a wide turn with a semi-trailer full of grain. We have a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use that might impair an employee’s ability to perform his or her job.

We understand that for each of our employees, there is someone who expects them to come home from work every night.

Part of the Community

From schools, churches and food pantries to events the whole community looks forward to each year, Ag Partners is dedicated to this place we call home. Giving back to the community is an important aspect of our mission, and we are happy to do our part through local financial contributions, volunteering and coordinating with others who are doing good work here. Nothing helps our cooperative attract and keep talented employees more than healthy, vibrant communities.