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    5 Tips for Managing Early-Season Plant Stress
    Mar 07, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Planting is just around the corner. Every decision you make, including your seed purchase and the ground conditions you place it in, can affect the number on the yield monitor at harvest. When seeds start in cold, wet soils, it can lead to early-season plant stress that can...
    3 Tips to Optimize Pre-emergence Weed Control
    Mar 01, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Drought conditions, expanding herbicide resistance and limited herbicide availability mean you may not have achieved the weed control you expected last season. That could create more challenges for management this year, requiring a proactive plan to limit yield loss. Use...
    Newest CROPLAN Hybrids Excelled in 2022
    Feb 16, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Last season, CROPLAN ® hybrids showed us it’s possible to get consistent performance and high yield potential. Our newest class of products, hitting fields for 2023 planting, combines elite germplasm with the latest insect trait technology for excellent performance. We’re...
    Why Water Conditioners Should Be In Your Tank Mix
    Feb 07, 2023 | Answer Plot
    When you spray an herbicide, not all of its active ingredients make it into the target weeds' leaves. Product antagonism, poor application practices, spray drift, unfavorable weather conditions and volatilization can all contribute to herbicide loss. If half of your weed...
    Take Care of Early Spring Weeds Before Planting
    Feb 02, 2023 | Answer Plot
    As you prepare for spring, consider a spring burndown herbicide application if winter or spring annual weeds are a problem in your fields. Winter annuals, including marestail, overwinter and resume growing as soon as temperatures warm in the spring. In addition to stealing...
    Are Plant Growth Regulators Worth the Investment?
    Jan 12, 2023 | Answer Plot
    Plant growth regulators have been getting more attention from the agricultural community in recent years, but you may be wondering if they live up to the hype. The Answer Plot® program has generated solid research supporting the benefits of applying plant growth regulators...

Ag Partners Coop News

Ag Partners and the Kansas City Royals Partner to Promote Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Mar 24, 2023 | Ag Partners Coop
Ag Partners is happy to announce a partnership with the Kansas City Royals to educate about the importance of nutritious food production that doesn't compromise the safety of our planet. 
Ag Partners Announces New Location
Mar 08, 2023 | Ag Partners Coop
Ag Partners Cooperative is excited to announce their new expansion into Joplin, Missouri.
Ag Partners Presents Fourth-Quarter Community Donations
Jan 20, 2023 | Ag Partners Coop
This month, Ag Partners has been finishing out their 2022 "Fuel Your Vehicle & Your Community" program by presenting the final four checks to area organizations.
2023 Fuel Sales Donation Recipients Announced
Jan 10, 2023 | Ag Partners Coop
January 1, 2023, marked the beginning of the third year of fuel sales donations for Ag Partners Coop.
Fuel Supply Update From Eric Osterhaus, VP Of Energy
Oct 31, 2022 | Ag Partners Coop
Over the past couple of weeks, we have received numerous calls from customers that have been hearing and reading about an upcoming diesel shortage.
Ag Partners Gives Additional Support to the NVCH Construction Project
Oct 25, 2022 | Ag Partners Coop
Seneca, Kansas— Courtney Schmelzle, Director of the Nemaha Valley Health Care Foundation announced recently that Ag Partners Coop has made an additional $15,000 donation to the NVHCF Investing in our Families and Future Capital Campaign.