Internship Program

Real experience for the real world.

Ag Partners Internships

Ag Partners Cooperative’s internship program provides hands-on experience that relates the classroom to the workplace. A project assignment for each intern, developed by their mentor, gives them a chance to make a real impact on our business and grow their professional portfolio. Final projects are presented to the leadership team and intern mentors at the end of the summer. During the program, Ag Partners provides opportunities for professional development, networking, training and off-site tours. We hope this experience is an avenue to grow our cooperative's talent pool and workplace network.

Available Internships

Openings vary by year based on mentor availability.
Grain Merchandising
Project Management
Marketing & Communications
Energy Sales & Distribution
Business Strategy
Digital Agriculture
Human Resources

**Positions change each year depending on mentor availability**

From Our Former Interns:

Brice Koch, Agronomy 2019

My internship was everything I wanted it to be. I felt like I was learning from some of the best people in the business. My mentors were great and taught me how to deal with real-world situations.

Brenna Eilert, Marketing & Communications 2020

My internship experience was everything and more than I was expecting. I had the best mentors, and I learned so much throughout my internship that I was able to take forward to my future career.

Spencer Macke, Grain Merchandising 2022

My internship was a great experience. The environment you walk into every day gives you a bigger picture of more than just a place to work. Each day I walked out knowing that my time was well spent.

Ellie Braun, Digital Ag & Agronomy 2022

My internship was an incredible experience. My mentors were great teachers, and I got to put everything I had learned in school into real-life experiences and learned more on top of that!

Internship Coordinator

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