Internship Program

Real experience for the real world.

Ag Partners Internships

Ag Partners Cooperative’s internship program provides hands-on experience that relates the classroom to the workplace. A project assignment for each intern, developed by their mentor, gives them a chance to make a real impact on our business and grow their professional portfolio. Final projects are presented to the leadership team and intern mentors at the end of the summer. During the program, Ag Partners provides opportunities for professional development, networking, training and off-site tours. We hope this experience is an avenue to grow our cooperative's talent pool and workplace network.

Available Internships

Openings vary by year based on mentor availability.


Our agronomy interns develop and demonstrate agronomic skills regarding weed, insect, and disease identification. They also gain experience in making crop nutrient and protection recommendations through soil and tissue sampling. Throughout the summer, they maintain field plots by raising signs, recording data, and coordinating plot events. And of course, interns work closely with an assigned Agronomy Account Manager to learn the ins and outs of sales calls, long-term relationship building with customers, and generating sales of seed, fertilizer, ag chemicals, and agronomy services.

Grain Merchandising

Under the guidance of our grain merchandising team and assigned mentor, our grain merchandising interns learn about NGFA Trade Rules, freight, and calculating bids. They gain experience with bid differences between competition and Ag Partners locations as well as the different contracting options available for producers. Interns study market movers and news and develop an understanding and knowledge of grain origination and marketing. Throughout the summer, interns also learn all about the grain business through hands-on customer interactions and assisting with grain accounting practices.

Project Management

Interns shadow our Project Manager and provide valuable contributions in reviewing and improving workflows. They monitor project progress and help with adjustments, as well as assist in managing schedules and deadlines to ensure that tasks are being completed. Throughout the summer, they also provide assistance to department managers on project implementation as needed.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications interns create and publish media across digital, print and broadcast mediums throughout their internship. They research and develop new ideas for social media templates, website updates, and newsletter design, then coordinate with department managers and fellow interns to generate content to bring their ideas to life. Working alongside the Marketing & Communications department, interns assist with special events, including planning and execution.


Interns inspect and evaluate location workplace environments, equipment and practices, and also learn grain handling standards and requirements. They participate in accident investigations to identify causes and corrective actions and develop and/or update safety training programs for various business units. Throughout their internship, they provide recommendations and feedback to improve overall company safety knowledge and procedures.

Energy Sales & Distribution

Energy Department interns participate in sales by assisting with purchases, pickups, orders, and sales calls to customers. They shadow and learn from our CHS Certified Energy Specialists and also learn about the operations and logistics of various energy product orders. Throughout the summer, they assist with day-to-day energy accounting as needed through Ag Partners' billing system and the Energy Department-specific software systems.

Business Strategy

Interns conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses that yield compelling business insights and useful recommendations. Under the guidance of an assigned mentor, they research grant programs and writing, and assist in building go-to-market strategies for new market opportunities. Throughout the summer, interns analyze and improve sales opportunities in line with company strategies. They also provide insight and new ideas for the development of special projects.


Accounting interns gain hands-on experience within Ag Partners' accounting and inventory processes, utilizing our billing system to ensure accurate invoicing while brainstorming opportunities for efficiencies. They learn how our teams work together to guarantee correct billing and how we use the information within systems to make decisions. With direction from an assigned mentor, interns prepare accounting reports and assist with balancing departmental budgets.

Digital Agriculture

Interns in the Digital Ag Department utilize agronomy technology tools to keep data up-to-date and readily available. They work alongside the AgCESS team, utilizing drones for scouting and field application purposes. Throughout the summer, they assist with research plots and provide agronomic services in the field using scouting apps and software, including stand-counts and weed identification, nutrient deficiencies and diseases.

Human Resources

Human Resource interns at Ag Partners learn about company policies regarding its workforce as well as the different types of employee benefits. They participate in and assist with interviews, coordinating new hire orientations and onboarding employees. Throughout their internship, they work closely with the HR Director and Marketing Department to organize company events, activities, and programs.

Agronomy Intern

**Positions change each year depending on mentor availability**

From Our Former Interns:

Brice Koch, Agronomy 2019

My internship was everything I wanted it to be. I felt like I was learning from some of the best people in the business. My mentors were great and taught me how to deal with real-world situations.

Brenna Eilert, Marketing & Communications 2020

My internship experience was everything and more than I was expecting. I had the best mentors, and I learned so much throughout my internship that I was able to take forward to my future career.

Spencer Macke, Grain Merchandising 2022

My internship was a great experience. The environment you walk into every day gives you a bigger picture of more than just a place to work. Each day I walked out knowing that my time was well spent.

Ellie Braun, Digital Ag & Agronomy 2022

My internship was an incredible experience. My mentors were great teachers, and I got to put everything I had learned in school into real-life experiences and learned more on top of that!

Internship Coordinator

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