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Designed to provide access to the latest decision-making tools to create success through innovation. 

The name AgCESS itself implies a couple of different meanings. Combining the words “ag” and “success” gives us the first layer: agricultural success. But AgCESS also sounds a lot like another important word in farming today: access—access to data that helps all producers make better decisions.

By aggregating data from hundreds of fields in our region, the AgCESS team knows which hybrids and varieties perform best in different kinds of soils. They team up with area growers to see which products, systems and application practices offer the best return on investment. They know whether inputs like corn fungicides or soybean aphid control will pay for themselves in a normal year, because they have the local research to prove it.

What does this all mean for you? It means that with AgCESS you can be sure you are making the most informed decision for your operation.

The AgCESS Process

Identify the Opportunity 
There are many variables to manage while farming. We have the tools to help you identify problems and correct them before they influence your yield. 
Develop a Plan 
After we pinpoint the issue we can develop a plan to correct the problem. If it calls for a variable rate application or an application of a crop nutrition product, we can make a plan to maximize your investment. 
We have access to state of the art equipment to place products with precision. We also have a team of experts to help set up your own equipment and confirm that everything is working correctly. 
Analyze Results 
After harvest, we will have an AgCESS Report Card that will provide results in an easy to understand format and help us make more informed decisions for next year. 


Climate FieldView Plus 
Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. Through the Cab App, you can collect weather, planting, spraying, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied data all in one place then break the data down into useable information in the Fieldview App. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. 

Climate FieldView Pro 
With all that data you’ve collected over the years, now you have a tool at your disposal to compile your yield and soil data into variable rate planting and anhydrous maps. 

Climate also has research-backed calculations tracking your nitrogen in your soil so you don’t over apply or under apply your fertilizer. 


FarmTRX Retrofit Hardware 
Allows any combine to create yield maps, regardless of its age, make or model.

FarmTRX Mobile App 
Acts as an in-cab display, showing live yield data when wirelessly connected to the yield monitor. The app also makes data transfer easy by wirelessly uploading yeild data over cellular or Wi-Fi - no more pulling SD cards.

FarmTRX Web App
Automatically creates yield maps just minutes after upload. The app saves you countless hours of work and technical challenges by automatically cleaning, filtering, processing, and calibrating yield data to make the best yield maps possible - ready when you need them.



Monitor crop quality and nutrient deficiencies and
detect weed, insect, and disease threats to preserve
and protect yield with our full-service scouting plans.
Timely, leaf-level insights help growers and retailers
prioritize decisions for maximized ROI.

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The AgCESS Impact

Targeted application requires less product and creates less waste.

Drones are battery-powered, requiring no fossil fuels to do their job.

Targeting A Better Outdoors

Our AgCESS team is known as pros in agriculture, but their tools and expertise expand to all areas of the great outdoors.
Ponds & Lakes

Ponds & Lakes

Maintaining the right balance of beneficial weeds and open water can be a struggle that costs you time, money, and your prime fishing and duck hunting experience. Our drones can help.
Services Available*: Ponds and lakes can be sprayed for lily pads, algae, cattails, and phragmites. Our team will take on any body of water, as long as it’s accessible via UTV with an open area to land a drone nearby.
Service Area: Generally, our team will travel up to two hours from their home base at our Hiawatha, Kansas location in Brown County. For a larger-scale job, they will travel up to three hours.
When To Spray: Spray jobs via drone are generally completed within a 10-day timeframe after ordering.

*Services available may vary based on local regulations

Food Plots
Lawncare & Maintenance

The AgCESS Team

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