Risk Management

Risk Management with Ag Partners Cooperative


At Ag Partners, we recommend that Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) always be an integral part of any farm's risk management strategy. There is no other way to protect the number of bushels or revenue per acre that the MPCI program can at the premiums per acre that it costs. That is due to a shared governmental investment in those premiums to help mitigate disasters in a much better way than the ad hoc programs can. 

Crop Insurance Products

Ag Partners offers a complete selection of crop insurance products to help cover the unknown risks that can be problematic for a profitable year. Risks like weather or falling markets can be greatly reduced or eliminated by putting a guarantee on the minimum amount of revenue per acre you will receive. The list of Federal MPCI programs that we offer include:

  • Revenue Protection
  • Yield Protection 
  • Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF)
  • Supplemental Coverage Option
  • Actual Production History
  • Area Revenue Protection
  • Area Yield Protection
  • Supplemental Coverage Option
  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Private Products

We also offer an extensive line of private products as well, including:

  • Crop Hail insurance
    • Crop Hail
    • Production Plan
    • Green Snap and Wind
    • Field Fire
    • Vandalism
    • Companion
  • Variable Interval Product (VIP)
    • Adds intervals of price discover
    • Potentially increase your total revenue coverage on RP/ARP plan

Crop Insurance Partners

Ag Partners proudly works with strong industry partners to provide some of the best services available.



Input Financing Through Ag Partners


Program Benefits

  • Saves time with a convenient one-stop source for all financing needs
  • Gives freedom to make decisions and take advantage of purchasing opportunities throughout the year
  • Locks in input costs to maximize income potential and reduce risk
  • Improves security of product supply
  • Offers early payment without penalty
  • Secures a confidential source of payment for input products and services
  • Presents a comprehensive agronomic relationship to complement any operation

Input Financing Partners

In addition to Ag Partners OnePay, we offer our customers financing through CFA, John Deere Financial, Rabo AgriFinance, Secure by WinField United, Bayer Innovation Plus, and more!


Crop Insurance News

WHIP+ Signup Set for October 30th

Jim Ward, Director of Risk Management

The Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus (WHIP+) will be available for eligible producers who have suffered crop losses in counties with a Presidential Emergency Disaster Declaration or a Secretarial Disaster Designation. Disaster losses must be triggered by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, volcanic activity, snowstorms, or wildfires in 2018 or 2019. BUT, drought will be an acceptable trigger for the 2018 season.  

If you received crop loss payments in 2018 based on drought, you will likely qualify for a WHIP+ payment. This includes PRF payments on ground listed as ‘HAYING’. 2019 did not trigger a drought payment, but there may be a few excessive moisture payments. Hail damage bad enough to trigger a yield loss could result in a WHIP+ payment for 2019.

Please contact your local FSA office as soon as possible because the signup deadline is October 30, 2020. I have been in contact with the FSA offices making sure that those with crop insurance through Ag Partners that had qualifying losses are on the list. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

PLC And ARC Payments, & CFAP-2

Jim Ward, Director of Risk Management

The Marketing Year Average (MYA) prices are final as of September 30 for the 2019/2020 marketing year. 

Corn was set at $3.56, resulting in a $0.14/bu payment for those signed up for PLC. If you chose PLC for grain sorghum, you have a $0.61/bu payment, the difference between a reference price of $3.95 and the MYA price of $3.34. The soybean reference price is $8.40, which is less than the MYA price of $8.57, and means no payment. PLC is paying out $0.92/bu to those with wheat since last month the MYA price was set at $4.58.

PLC payments, made later this month, can be calculated by multiplying the payment rate, times your FSA-approved yield, times 85%, times your base acres.  

K-State has also calculated an estimate for the 20/21 wheat price using the 5-year average marketing percentages and futures price for the upcoming year. If the estimate holds true there will be a $0.74/bu payment next year.

Ag Partners Finance & Insurance Team