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There are two ways to grow an agricultural cooperative: merge with another co-op, or earn more business in each community we serve by exceeding customer expectations. With a combined agronomy team that is now 25 members strong, Ag Partners intends to do everything we can to earn and keep your business.

Our part of Kansas has long been known for its progressive corn and soybean growers. From soil testing and yield mapping to variable rate fertilizer applications and precision farming, many of our growers are at the leading edge of sustainable farming practices that maximize profits while protecting our precious soil and water resources

Soil Temperatures

Taken between 9:00 and 10:30 AM
Date Region 1 Region 2  Region 3
11/6   32° at Seneca  
11/9 54° No-Till Beans Wamego    
  62° Bean Stubble N of Belvue    
11/18   50° at Seneca  
11/20   49° at Seneca  
11/23 40° No-Till Bean Stubble (Riverbottom Ground)    
11/30 36° No-Till Beans (Riverbottom Ground)    
  40° No-Till Corn Stubble (Hill Ground)    

Complete Acre Program

At Ag Partners, we are your partner in agriculture. We take pride in being an honest partner in your business. Each day, the skilled Ag Partners agronomy team conducts business with patrons based on the values of honesty, integrity and teamwork. When working with us, our team is committed to helping you succeed and achieve your goals on-farm and in the marketplace.

We understand not all growers face the same agronomic challenges each year. Powered by AgCESS Local Solutions, the Complete Acre Program allows our agronomy account managers to work side-by-side with growers to establish a program that is best for their unique farm acre. When determining the program that the right fit for your operation, our agronomy account managers will work with you to assess:

  • Soil type and deficiencies
  • Anticipated diseases in your geography
  • Weed control
  • All other inhibiting factors

Once the assessment is complete, your agronomy account manager will provide the best, proven product recommendations to help you overcome your anticipated challenges.

Contact your local Regional Sales Manager to get started developing your Complete Acre program.
Region 1: Ben Zimmerman 785-313-1405
Region 2: Kevin Bergman    785-294-2595
Region 3: Jeff Williams       785-741-0222

Agronomy Account Managers

It's time to farm smarter

AgCESS is Ag Partners' grower-focused brand designed to give growers access to the latest decision-making tools to create success through new innovations. 

The name itself implies a couple of different meanings. Combining the words “ag” and “success” gives us the first layer of meaning: ag (or farming) success. But AgCESS also sounds a lot like another important word in farming today: access—access to data that helps all corn and soybean growers make better decisions.

Better decisions about what? Well, just about everything. By aggregating data from hundreds of growers in this region, our agronomists know which corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform best on what kinds of soils. They team up with area growers to see which tillage systems and fertilizer application practices offer the best return on investment. They know whether products like corn fungicides or soybean aphid control will pay for themselves in a normal year, because they have the research to prove it.

And what does this all mean to you? It means that with AgCESS you can be sure you are making the most informed decision for your operation with Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork.

The AgCESS Process

Identify the Opportunity 
There are many variables to manage while farming. We have the tools to help you identify problems and correct them before they influence your yield. 
Develop a Plan 
After we pinpoint the issue we can develop a plan to correct the problem. If it calls for a variable rate application or an application of a crop nutrition product, we can make a plan to maximize your investment. 
We have access to state of the art equipment to place products with precision. We also have a team of experts to help set up your own equipment and confirm that everything is working correctly. 
Analyze Results 
After harvest, we will have an AgCESS Report Card that will provide results in an easy to understand format and help us make more informed decisions for next year. 


Climate FieldView Plus 
Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. Through the Cab App, you can collect weather, planting, spraying, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied data all in one place then break the data down into useable information in the Fieldview App. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. 

Climate FieldView Pro 
With all that data you’ve collected over the years, now you have a tool at your disposal to compile your yield and soil data into variable rate planting and anhydrous maps. 

Climate also has research-backed calculations tracking your nitrogen in your soil so you don’t over apply or under apply your fertilizer. 

R7® Tool

Field Monitoring Tool 
FMT Satellites collect data 4-7 times a week and compares your field`s NDVI mass to other fields planted within the same maturity and planting window. Then it provides a report of fields trending up or down and gives us an early warning to nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or insect pressure. 

Profit Mapper 
The R7® Tool Profitability Map connects input costs and yield potential map data to determine ROI at an acre level. We can assign variable costs to a Rx map and overlay that with harvest data. Areas found to be less profitable provide an opportunity to better align input investments with yield potential the following year.

AgCESS Newsletter

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Agronomy Services

Our list of agronomy services at Ag Partners is extensive, and includes the following:


Custom Fertilizer & Chemical Application


Soil Sampling


Yield Mapping


Precision Farming Services & Advice


Hybrid Selection


Field Scouting


Insect & Disease Identification


Seed Treatment Products & Recommendations


Plant Tissue Sampling

Seed Insights

Let’s face it: choosing the right corn hybrids and soybean varieties for your operation is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Prices for corn hybrids with stacked traits have gone through the roof, and you may be paying for traits you don’t even need. It’s too much for most farmers to keep up with, but part of the job for our professional seedsmen and agronomists.

We work with both national and local seed suppliers with access to the best genetics in the industry. We can help you choose which products are likely to work best under your specific growing conditions—including light or heavy soil, well-drained or gumbo, the likelihood of disease or insect pressure in a typical year, and so on. We’ll also pay close attention to the prices you pay…there’s no use spending $300 a bag on seed corn for land that isn’t likely to yield more than 120 bushels an acre.

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