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There are two ways to grow an agricultural cooperative: merge with another co-op, or earn more business in each community we serve by exceeding customer expectations. With a combined agronomy team that is now 25 members strong, Ag Partners intends to do everything we can to earn and keep your business.

Our part of Kansas has long been known for its progressive corn and soybean growers. From soil testing and yield mapping to variable rate fertilizer applications and precision farming, many of our growers are at the leading edge of sustainable farming practices that maximize profits while protecting our precious soil and water resources

Agronomy Services

Our list of agronomy services at Ag Partners is extensive, and includes the following:

Custom Fertilizer & Chemical Application

Soil Sampling

Yield Mapping

Precision Farming Services & Advice

Hybrid Selection

Field Scouting

Insect & Disease Identification

Seed Treatment Products & Recommendations

Plant Tissue Sampling

Agronomy Services

It's time to farm smarter

AgCESS is Ag Partners' grower-focused brand designed to give growers access to the latest decision-making tools to create success through new innovations. 

The name itself implies a couple of different meanings. Combining the words “ag” and “success” gives us the first layer of meaning: ag (or farming) success. But AgCESS also sounds a lot like another important word in farming today: access—access to data that helps all corn and soybean growers make better decisions.

Better decisions about what? Well, just about everything. By aggregating data from hundreds of growers in this region, our agronomists know which corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform best on what kinds of soils. They team up with area growers to see which tillage systems and fertilizer application practices offer the best return on investment. They know whether products like corn fungicides or soybean aphid control will pay for themselves in a normal year, because they have the research to prove it.

Connect With Ag Partners on GROWERS

The GROWERS App was developed to address the inefficiencies in the conventional input procurement process, which typically involves contacting multiple retailers, collecting pricing information, and manually comparing prices before making a purchase. By leveraging The GROWERS App, farmers and retailers can streamline this process by enabling farmers to submit their input requests within the platform, share them with retailers, and receive, compare, select, and purchase their inputs seamlessly in one place.

Seed Insights

Let’s face it: choosing the right seed for your operation is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Prices for corn hybrids with stacked traits have gone through the roof, and you may be paying for traits you don’t even need. It’s too much for most farmers to keep up with, but part of the job for our seed specialist and agronomy account managers.

We work with both national and local seed suppliers with access to the best genetics in the industry. We can help you choose which products are likely to work best under your specific growing conditions—including light or heavy soil, well-drained or gumbo, the likelihood of disease or insect pressure in a typical year, and so on. We’ll also pay close attention to the prices you pay…there’s no use spending $300 a bag on seed corn for land that isn’t likely to yield more than 120 bushels an acre.

Ag Partners Agronomy Team

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