Employee Referral Program

Help recruit new team members


Program Details

If you know an individual who would be a fine addition to Ag Partners and the individual meets the qualifications for currently open positions, it may be worth up to $400 if you refer them for employment and they become hired!

Refer candidates who meet the qualifications to Human Resources using the Employee Referral Form. If you would like to see a copy of the job description, please see HR. If your candidate is hired, you will be awarded $400 within six months of the hire date (to be paid in two installments).

Referral Program Procedures
For each qualified candidate referred, the referring employee must complete an Employee Referral Form and submit to Human Resources. The form is a record of the referral and is included in the employee's personnel record. Employees making a referral also are responsible for informing the candidate of the vacancy, obtaining the individual's consent to having their name submitted, and where possible, having the individual submit an up-to-date resume and completed application form. Once a final decision about the candidate is made and communicated to the applicant, the referring employee is informed of the final disposition. Referral Bonus Eligibility Criteria
Employees are reminded that Ag Partners does not hire spouses or close relatives for any position that would involve a supervisor-subordinate relationship or otherwise create the appearance of a conflict of interest. The employee referral program does not apply to referrals for interns. Cash payments are awarded only for referrals of qualified candidates who are hired successfully in the current open position.

No referral bonuses are paid for referrals of candidates who are retirees, rehires, or persons returning from a leave of absence. Ag Partners reserves the right to deny payments to any employee who improperly makes promises or assurances of employment to prospective or actual candidates, or otherwise engages in improper or inappropriate conduct related to this program or other workplace activities.

Referral Payment Procedures
Employees who refer a qualified candidate who subsequently is hired and remains employed for at least six months are eligible for a referral payment of $400. This bonus is paid in two installments: (1) a cash payment of $200 after the new hire completes three months of employment, and (2) a second cash payment of $200 after the new hire completes six months of employment. All payments under the program are subject to applicable tax withholding. For seasonal employees: A one time cash payment of $200 will be paid upon completion of the current season.

For a referring employee to be eligible for either of the two referral-bonus payments described above, both the candidate and the referring employee must be continuously employed by the company.

Enforcement Responsibility
The Human Resource Department is responsible for administering the employee referral program, including processing all referral forms and bonus applications, resolving any disputes, and revising/discontinuing the program.