Boosting Bushels – Tissue Sampling Edition

May 01, 2020

Boosting Bushels – Tissue Sampling Edition
At Ag Partners, we are your partner in production agriculture. When working with our growers, we take pride in doing business based on our core values of honesty, integrity and teamwork. To help provide growers with the latest information on the newest products and technologies, our agronomy account managers continuously work with our industry partners to run field trials testing new products. That means we are only recommending proven products that work locally and have data to support the results. As your partner, we want to see you succeed and produce crops as efficiently and profitably as the conditions allow.

We are now to the part of spring where we see more and more seed being planted for the 2020 growing season. As growers, it is important for you to closely monitor your crop’s nutrient status. One way to do this is to take tissue samples. Tissue samples allow you to monitor your plant’s nutrient levels, so you can prevent a loss in yield potential due to any deficiencies.

When reviewing the 2019 tissue sample results across all of Ag Partners, our growers were consistently deficient in the micronutrients zinc, boron, sulfur and manganese. To help growers to combat these low micronutrient levels, our agronomy account managers recommend the foliar nutrient product Symbol™/Release. 
Symbol™/Release has a unique formulation of sulfur, boron, zinc, molybdenum and manganese that has been proven to improve foliar nutrient uptake. Additional benefits growers can experience when using this product are:
  • Help with optimizing a plant’s ability to recover from crop stresses, including post-emergence herbicide applications.
  • Designed to increase foliar contact and adhesion to deliver the nutrients needed to overcome seasonal nutrient deficiencies.
  • The advanced formulation is easy to handle and mix with a wide range of tank-mix partners, including post-emergence herbicides.
The below charts show the bushel per acre increase you could see when using the product:

To learn more about Symbol™/Release and how it can improve the nutrient levels in your fields, contact your Ag Partners Agronomy Account Manager.

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