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    Advanced Acre Trials to Show Value of Data-Backed Approach
    Jun 26, 2020 | Answer Tech
    In today’s challenging and changing marketplace, quality data, ag technology and agronomic expertise are critical tools that enable farmers to make informed decisions and manage for optimal return on investment (ROI) throughout the season. This season, the WinField United...
    Answer Plot 2020: Different Format, Fresh Intel, Same High-Quality Data
    Jun 23, 2020 | Answer Plot
    For 21 seasons, the WinField ® United Answer Plot ® program has delivered leading-edge agronomic insights live and in person at locations across the country. This year, we won’t be doing in-person group events as we have in the past. But rest assured that the Answer Plot...
    Help Protect Corn From Tar Spot Pressure
    Jun 22, 2020 | Answer Plot
    Tar spot is a relatively new disease in corn in the north central United States, but it already has a history of severely limiting yield potential. It was first identified in Indiana and Illinois fields in 2015 and had been isolated to select Midwestern geographies until the...
    Soybean Gall Midge Brings More Questions Than Answers
    Jun 16, 2020 | Answer Plot
    In 2018, small orange midge larvae were found, causing significant injury and yield loss to soybean fields in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota as well as in several Minnesota counties. In the two years following this larvae’s discovery, the areas affected by soybean gall midge...
    Timing Is Key to Success With Double-Crop Soybeans
    Jun 11, 2020 | Answer Plot
    Double-cropping soybeans along with corn and adding a wheat crop can be a profitable alternative to a traditional corn/soybean rotation. Good timing, careful planning and strong stand establishment are just some of the factors that are critical for a successful double-crop...
    The Scoop on Split Nitrogen Applications
    Jun 08, 2020 | Answer Plot

Ag Partners Coop News

Ag Partners doubles donation with CoBank’s Sharing Success program
Jun 09, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. utilized CoBank’s Sharing Success program to help provide financial support to local emergency services providers and shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Should I Top-Dress My Corn With Nitrogen?
Jun 05, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
Did you know that corn takes up half of its Nitrogen (N) between V8 (8 leaf) and VT (Tassel)? Have you ever sent off tissue samples or soil samples to estimate the amount of nitrogen the corn needs to produce optimal bushels?
Is CFAP for you?
May 29, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
The USDA recently released the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). It features $16 billion in direct financial support for agriculture producers significantly impacted by COVID-19.
Boosting Bushels – Tissue Sampling Edition
May 01, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
As growers, it is important for you to closely monitor your crop’s nutrient status. One way to do this is to take tissue samples. Tissue samples allow you to monitor your plant’s nutrient levels, so you can prevent a loss in yield potential due to any deficiencies.
Ag Partners Welcomes New CEO, Duane Anderson
Apr 24, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
This week Ag Partners welcomed Duane Anderson, president and chief executive officer, to the team.
Boosting Bushels: Seed Treatment Edition
Apr 09, 2020 | Ag Partners Coop
With the spring run getting into full swing, growers will soon be busy planting corn once the weather allows for it. When preparing for planting, it is important to protect your seed investment with a seed treatment to help set yourself up for success throughout the growing...