A Message From Duane Anderson: November 2020

Nov 11, 2020

Dear Ag Partners Owners,

Hello everyone, I trust everyone had a great fall harvest. Harvest is starting to wrap in our area. Ag Partners has taken in over 33 million bushels of grain this fall. Pretty amazing crop. We have much to be thankful for this year.

The Lindburg Vogel Pierce Faris auditing firm has completed our annual audit. We are pleased to report our local income was $2,020,857 this year, a 6 million dollar turnaround from a year ago.

We are preparing to send out patronage checks next week. The patronage is as follows:

Grain – 6.54 cents per bushel
Broker Beans – 5.4 cents per bushel
Agronomy – 3.55%
Supply – 3.45%
Fuel – 1.74%
Our annual meeting will be on January 14, 2021, at the Knights of Columbus hall in Seneca, KS. At this time, we are still planning on having an actual meeting, followed by a lunch meal. If that changes due to COVID, we will make an announcement.
As we all know, there are always challenges and difficult situations that can arise in life and business. We experienced that at our Fanning location several weeks ago. We are working diligently to keep Fanning a productive location for Ag Partners Coop. Ag Partners is committed to making the Fanning location successful. We appreciate your patience during this time of change.
Thank you to everyone for your patronage, and we look forward to providing you with value and assisting you in your successful operation.
Thank you,
Duane Anderson

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