Ag Partners And The Kansas City Royals Partner To Promote Sustainable Agriculture And Food Security

Mar 24, 2023

KC Royals Announcement

Every day, more and more Kansas Citians and people around the world are becoming concerned about how they can provide themselves and their families with nutritious food without compromising the safety of our planet. Given this, Ag Partners, a leading agricultural cooperative committed to sustainable practices and supporting farmers in feeding the world, is happy to announce a partnership with the Kansas City Royals to educate and combat the problem. 

This partnership highlights the company's dedication to promoting agriculture and food security while demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, education, and community development. 

“We are passionate about promoting sustainable agricultural practices that ensure the health of our planet, our communities, and our economy,” said Chief Strategy Officer Jed Miller. "We work closely with our producers as they utilize these practices on their farms, resulting in more productive and sustainable agriculture that benefits everyone." 

The partnership provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges farmers face and promote sustainable solutions that will help ensure food security for generations to come. 

“This is a unique opportunity for the Kansas City Royals, who are committed to doing what is right for the people of Kansas City,” said Sarah Tourville, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial and Community Impact Officer for the Kansas City Royals. “This innovative partnership will allow our two brands to collaborate in finding a way to ensure a safe and nutritious food supply in the metro area and beyond.” 

In the coming months, the two organizations will be happy to announce the next steps in making an impact for Royals fans everywhere. 

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