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Ag Partners Announces New Location

Mar 08, 2023

Ag Partners Cooperative is excited to announce their new expansion into Joplin, Missouri. An existing site at Joplin has been identified to serve as a new location and offer numerous logistical advantages, including being located on fertilizer and grain supply routes that strengthen the cooperative's supply chain and better serve its customers. Furthermore, Joplin is ideally positioned to tap into an energy market that will allow Ag Partners to continue its significant and profitable growth. With a strategic key supplier relationship in place, the location is well-positioned to leverage this opportunity and establish Ag Partners as a leading player in the energy market.

A focus on energy and a cash-and-carry chemical and seed model, combined with the logistical advantages of a Joplin location, will enable Ag Partners to deliver even greater value to its customers while driving growth for the business.

Ag Partners is truly excited about the potential of this expansion and are fully committed to making it a success.

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