Ag Partners Coop Supports Local Projects

Oct 16, 2023

October Matching Donations

In the spirit of National Co-op Month this October, Ag Partners Coop proudly embodies the core cooperative principle of 'Concern for Community.' Every day, Ag Partners is committed to making a concentrated effort to positively impact the communities that support our cooperative. Recently, we had the privilege of contributing $10,000 to two remarkable hometown projects: the Axtell Community Fitness Center and the Falls City Sacred Heart playground project.

These donations were made possible through matching grants from CoBank's Sharing Success Program, reflecting the strength of cooperation among cooperatives. Ag Partners understands the significance of cooperative principles and their role in fostering community development. We aim to show our dedication not just through words but through action, strengthening the bonds that tie our cooperative and our communities together.

The Axtell Community Fitness Center will be a hub for wellness and a space where students, as well as the local community, can come together to lead healthier lives. Our donation will help enhance the facilities and bring even more people through the doors, promoting physical fitness, wellness, and community cohesion.

The Falls City Sacred Heart playground project is another initiative that we are proud to support. This project was specifically designed to improve the safety of children who utilize the playground, which includes students of the school as well as families in the community, by replacing the surface covering. Employees of the school did extensive research to determine the best option, taking into account safety, accessibility, long-term wear, cleanliness, and recent health studies when making their decision.

Ag Partners Coop also partnered with the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation, a valuable resource that helps us make targeted and effective donations in our area communities. Through this partnership, we can ensure that our support reaches the most deserving projects and organizations.

As we celebrate National Co-op Month, Ag Partners Coop reaffirms its commitment to 'Concern for Community.' Our recent donations to the Axtell Community Fitness Center and the Falls City Sacred Heart playground project stand as concrete examples of how we put this principle into practice. We believe that by supporting our local communities, we strengthen the bonds that hold us together and ensure a brighter future for all. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the cooperative spirit this October!

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