Ag Partners Donates $20,000 To Support 11 County Fairs Annually

Sep 01, 2023

Ag Partners Donates to County Fairs

In a steadfast commitment to foster the growth and development in their communities, Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. proudly donates $20,000 annually to support 11 area county 4-H fairs. Since 2020, Ag Partners has chosen to maximize their support for local 4-H programs by allocating funds to the 4-H fairs and auctions as a whole with the intention of benefiting a larger number of young participants, ultimately enhancing the experience for all involved. This $20,000 annual donation underscores Ag Partners' dedication to investing in the future of their communities by nurturing the skills, talents, and aspirations of young individuals involved in 4-H programs.

Jessica Hermesch, Director of Marketing at Ag Partners, stated, "We believe in the potential of every child involved in 4-H and recognize the importance of these programs in their personal development as well as our communities. Our decision to direct our support towards the overall auctions has given us the opportunity to make an impact on hundreds of 4-H'ers each year across our entire footprint, which has been so rewarding to see."

Ag Partners' stance on county fair donations is that supporting each 4-H'er through their auction entries not only provides financial assistance but also nurtures a sense of commitment and belonging within the 4-H community. By participating in these auctions, young individuals are encouraged to stay engaged in their respective projects, fostering a deep-rooted passion for agriculture and personal growth. Furthermore, this support serves as a catalyst for leadership development within 4-H, instilling essential skills and values that will guide them in their future endeavors. As these dedicated 4-H'ers grow older, they carry with them an enduring appreciation for their local communities and the place they call home, becoming the future stewards and advocates for the regions they represent.

Counties included in 2023's annual donation included Brown, Shawnee, Nemaha, Pottawatomie, Doniphan, Marshall, Jackson, Wabaunsee and Jefferson Counties in Kansas, as well as Richardson County, Nebraska and Atchison County, Missouri.

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