Ag Partners Presents Fourth-Quarter Community Donations

Jan 20, 2023

Ag Partners Presents Fourth-Quarter Community Donations
This month, Ag Partners has been finishing out their 2022 "Fuel Your Vehicle & Your Community" program by presenting the final four checks to area organizations.

Throughout 2022, a portion of sales from every gallon sold at Ag Partners' fuel pumps was donated to various organizations supporting their communities around each fuel location. In Axtell, donations went to Axtell PRIDE from January-June and then the Axtell Economic Development Corpoartion from July-December. Corning donations went to the Jason Adams Memorial Trap Shoot from January-June and then to the Corning Community Fund at the Nemaha County STEP Foundation from July-December. Donations from the Denton, Powhattan, Robinson and Willis fuel sales went to HOPE Brown County. Seneca donations went to the Seneca Community Fund at the Nemaha County STEP Foundation.

"We had a very successful 2022 campaign with this donation program and are very proud to have been able to help support these organizations that contribute so much to our communities," said Eric Osterhaus, VP of Energy.

Funds were calculated and distributed quarterly, and totaled over $5,100 in donations by the end of the year. A little over $1,300 of that total was collected between October and December from the cardtrol locations in Axtell, Seneca, Corning, Robinson, Willis, Powhattan and Denton.

For 2023, Ag Partners will continue their fuel sales donation program, but with a new set of recipients in the area communities. Details on the recipients can be found here.

Photos from the fourth quarter's donations are below.

Axtell Economic Development Corporation

Corning Community Fund | Nemaha County STEP Foundation

HOPE Brown County

Seneca Community Fund | Nemaha County STEP Foundation


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