Ag Partners Presents Q1 Fuel your Community Donations

Jun 07, 2024

As school let out for the summer, Ag Partners was distributing the first round of checks for the 2024 “Fuel Your Community” program.  Originating in 2021, this initiative channels a percentage of proceeds generated from each gallon of fuel purchased at Ag Partners cardtrols to support local organizations. 


Selecting new recipients annually, the program’s continuation each year since its establishment is a testament to its success.  We brought the 2023 program to a close with donations to several area FFA groups and the Bern School Activities Complex, affirming their contributions to their respective communities.  The first quarter of 2024 recognized the first year that community members could nominate organizations they identified as deserving recipients.  With this transition, the goal is to empower communities and shift the decision-making process to those who are direct witnesses of each group’s effectiveness in their communities.  If you are interested in nominating a group in your community, you can learn more about that process here.  


This quarter, recipients include Northeast Kansas Arts Foundation, Centralia Community Library, Axtell Booster Club and Horton FFA.  The total of all donations made for the first quarter of 2024 was $1,261.44. 

As we move into our fourth year of holding this program, we don’t want to lose sight of contributors who make this possible.  Collectively, our efforts have left a lasting imprint on nearby schools and community groups, nurturing cooperation and positive relations. We look forward to building on this success in 2024 and beyond, committed to enriching the lives of those within our reach. 

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