Boosting Bushels Fungicide Edition: Managing In-Season Disease And Stress

Feb 14, 2020

Boosting Bushels Fungicide Edition: Managing In-Season Disease and Stress
Farmers never stop thinking of the future of their crops. During these winter months, farmers are exploring their input options and finalizing their plans for the next growing season. When thinking about crop protection, some growers may decide to add a fungicide to their program to protect their future crops from leading diseases. Applying fungicide can lead to healthier plants which result in higher yields and more bushels in the bin at harvest.
When it comes to crop protection, being proactive is key as crops are vulnerable to several diseases. Depending on the disease, it can affect leaf tissue, stalks, roots, and ears, and the severity varies from year-to-year. If you are still contemplating adding a fungicide to your crop protection plan, below are reasons why Ag Partners recommends the practice:

Foliar Application to Corn at V5:
  • Mitigates early-season disease
  • Assists with stress management
  • Helps to maximize potential ear length and girth
Foliar Application to Soybeans at R1:
  • Protects against late-season diseases like Southern Rust & GLS.
  • Helps to increase late-season stalk integrity
  • Protects potential yield
While growers can make foliar fungicide application during the growing season, it can also be included in the seed treatment at planting time. Research conducted over many years in Kansas has shown the use of a fungicide seed treatment results in an average yield increase of approximately 2.5 bushels per acre. In years with good germination and early season growing conditions, there may be no advantage to seed treatment, but in years when conditions favor disease development, yield increases can reach 10 or more bushels per acre.
To learn more about your fungicide options, contact your Ag Partners Agronomy Account Manager.

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