Boosting Bushels Fungicide Edition: The Proof Is In The Data

Mar 02, 2020

Boosting Bushels Fungicide Edition: The Proof is in the Data
By Ag Partners Cooperative Agronomy Team

At Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc., our skilled team members are always looking at ways to help our growers drive increases in yield and profit per acre. One key opportunity we have identified to help our growers accomplish these goals is by doing a fungicide application to both corn and soybean crops. This type of application is aimed at protecting the crop from diseases like Gray Leaf Spot and Southern Rust in corn to Frogeye and Septoria in soybeans. Fungicides have also proven that they provide valuable plant health enhancements to keep as much green tissue viable as possible to maximize the ear and pod fill in both crops. That is why Ag Partners’ recommendations for fungicide focus on the latest product innovations from Syngenta with their Trivapro® fungicide for corn and Miravis® Neo for soybeans. 

These products are formulated with three unique active ingredients that provide:
  • Long-lasting residuals for longer disease control and crop enhancement.
  • Preventative and curative activity to stop existing disease and protect against future infections.
  • Crop enhancement benefits to optimize stalk quality and grain fill.
National data out of the WinField United Answer Plot® system over the last two years shows an average 11.6-bushel increase with an application of fungicide on corn at the VT stage. Ag Partners has also been testing different application timing on corn and has found that on our limited testing at the V5 stage, we have seen a 5 to 13-bushel increase response. On soybeans over the last two years, through the Ag Partners Local Solutions trial system, we have seen on average a 6.8-bushel advantage at treating soybeans at the R2 – R3 soybean stage.

Miravis® Neo Local Solutions Trial 2019

Trivapro® Local Solutions Trial 2019

Ag Partners will continue to evaluate fungicide application products and timing to understand the best way to maximize our grower’s investment. Please contact your Agronomy Account Manager to learn more about your fungicide options.

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