Boosting Bushels: Seed Treatment Edition

Apr 09, 2020

Boosting Bushels: Seed Treatment Edition

The Benefits of Downstream and Overtreating Corn Seed


With the spring run getting into full swing, growers will soon be busy planting corn once the weather allows for it. When preparing for planting, it is important to protect your seed investment with a seed treatment to help set yourself up for success throughout the growing season. Seed treatments are a common practice, and today, almost all corn seed is treated at the production plant before being delivered to the retailer, such as Ag Partners. Seed treatments are known to protect your seed investment during the early stages of development, offset any potential issues caused by cool, wet weather, and protect the plant from insects and future diseases.

Some of you might be asking, “so if the seed comes to Ag Partners already treated by the seed company, then why do you treat the seed at your locations”? Downstream treating (which means the seed is treated by the retailer), and over-treating (applying a seed treatment to already treated seed), is a practice Ag Partners believes strongly in. While the seed comes to Ag Partners already treated, the additional treatment added at our locations further builds a stronger foundation for the seed to be successful in the fields. 

At Ag Partners, our supplemental seed treatment includes additional compounds that not only protect the seed from insects and future diseases, they also contain proven products like Ascend® Pro and SEED+™ that promote benefits related to early plant growth and vigor.

Ascend Pro is an enhanced plant growth regulator (PGR) that can help improve root growth and provide better early-season vigor. It is also proven to provide more consistent performance regardless of environmental conditions at planting.


SEED+ is added to our seed treatment regimen because it is proven to support seedling vigor, improve shoot and root and root hair development, and it is has shown to better plant health by reducing the negative impacts of in-season stress.


Ag Partners continues to be your partner in production agriculture. Contact your Agronomy Account Manager today to learn more about seed treatments and how they can benefit you this growing season.

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