May 15, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- Realizing the challenge that access to fresh produce is not always feasible, the Kansas City Royals in partnership with Evergy, Ag Partners, Globally Responsible Production, Metropolitan Community College (MCC), Cultivate KC, and Brummel Lawn and Landscape are happy to announce the start of the Fountain Gardens.

At the beginning of the 2024 baseball season, the Kansas City Royals announced a new initiative to minimize the team’s environmental impact and inspire action within the community. After months of collaborating, planning, and designing, the team is happy to announce the finishing touches have been put on the new garden located at Kauffman Stadium.

“This integration of a garden within the stadium's layout not only provides access to fresh produce but also promotes education and engagement with agriculture and healthy eating habits,” said Luis Maes, Vice President of Community Impact for the Kansas City Royals. “The collaboration with partners underscores the importance of collective effort in addressing community needs.”

By integrating farming into their outfield, the Royals are demonstrating a commitment to addressing food insecurity and promoting healthy eating habits in their community. This creative use of space allows the team to contribute to local food production while also providing educational opportunities for fans, and providing some of the produce from the garden to the youth and families who attend the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy (KCUYA).

“Evergy has partnered with the Royals and Kauffman Stadium for many years to advance renewable and sustainable energy, beginning with the installation of solar energy at the stadium more than 10 years ago,” said Elizabeth Danforth, Evergy’s Director of Corporate Social Impact. “We are proud to continue this partnership and be part of the sustainable garden at Kauffman Stadium. Evergy’s Green Team will provide expertise and time to help build the garden, which will use retired power poles.”

Evergy, Ag Partners Cooperative and Globally Responsible Production are stepping up to the plate to make this project a success by donating materials for the greenhouse and the raised beds which will be located in the outfield at the stadium.

“This project is about more than just growing fresh food for people at the ballpark and the Urban Youth Academy; it's about showing how farmers are helping our environment and keeping us healthy,” said Jed Miller, Chief Strategy Officer for Ag Partners and President of Globally Responsible Production. “By bringing these ideas right where people gather, we're planting the seeds for a better, more sustainable future.”

Brummel Lawn and Landscape’s contribution will undoubtedly add value to the garden installation, especially with their donation of crushed granite for the base. Using crushed granite for the base of the garden brings several benefits. It provides excellent drainage, stability, and a clean aesthetic that complements the garden's design.

In addition to the produce used at the Urban Youth Academy, Aramark has plans to also decrease waste by using some of the items in their signature dishes served during games and during catering events. All thanks to the volunteer work planned by MCC and Cultivate KC.

“Fountain Gardens presents another opportunity for MCC and the Royals to form a partnership that will benefit our community,” said Dr. Kimberly Beatty, Chancellor and CEO of Metropolitan Community College. “Fountain Gardens is also a perfect tie-in for the students in our recently expanded agriculture program, especially those pursuing a degree in the plant science pathway.”

To learn more about the garden visit www.royals.com/sustainability


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