Putting Our Farmers Future First

Jan 20, 2020

Putting Our Farmers Future First
 As the calendar rolls over to a new year, we begin to prepare for the 2020 growing season. At Ag Partners Cooperative, a new growing season can often mean a new set of challenges, farming methods and even developing new ways of providing you with the products and services you depend on to raise your next crop.
In order to help our producer’s offset risk and purchase those products at the best possible price, we have developed “Future First Fertilizer.” This program allows our growers to purchase fertilizer for the following season and to take advantage of today’s lower trending fertilizer markets. The idea behind this concept is very simple as it allows Ag Partners producers to lock in their 2020 fall fertilizer by prepaying or contracting grain to be delivered after harvest. Our producers will know exactly how many bushels they need to raise in order to pay for the fertilizer they apply to raise that crop. This not only allows growers the transparency they desire, but also helps them gauge profitability on their acres.
Ag Partners Coop is constantly thinking about our future and the security of our producers. We are dedicated to helping you maintain profitability and provide you with the tools necessary to ensure you are making the right decisions. For more information, please contact the Ag Partners grain department, or your agronomy account manager.

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