Regional Partners Match Ag Partners Donations To Double Contributions

Jun 21, 2023

As a cooperative, one of our core principles is concern for our community. Each year, we commit to finding ways to contribute to the organizations that make our rural communities what they are. Whether it's donations, volunteer hours, sponsorships, or advertisements, Ag Partners gives to countless organizations and programs. 

Each year, Ag Partners has the privilege of partnering with organizations like the Land O'Lakes Foundation, CoBank, and the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation. With the help of these regional partners, Ag Partners has been able to double our impact in our communities.  

CoBank’s Sharing Success program matched Ag Partners' Match Day contribution to support the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation, as well as the Highland Foundation. The Highland Foundation will use their funds towards Highland Community College's Precision Ag & Diesel Technology Programs.  

The Ag Partners Fund at the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation matched with the Land O’Lakes Foundation to help towards the match pools for the Hiawatha Community Foundation and the South Brown County Community Foundations' Match Days, as well as the Nemaha Valley Health Care Foundation. The Nemaha Valley Health Care Foundation is a second annual pledge towards their Capital Campaign for renovations and expansion at their hospital in Seneca, KS.  

Greater Sabetha Community Foundation: Pictured are Steve Lukert, Carson Ukele, Roy Frey, Preston Thomas, and Jeannie McCorkle.

Highland Foundation: Pictured are Spencer Macke, Keith Jaloma, Kristin Schmelzle, and Jonah Porting

Hiawatha Community Foundation: Pictured are Levi Lehmkuhl, Shannon Fischer, Kassiday Stanton, Savanna Soden, Robyn Lanter, Virginia Freese, and Dan Simpson.

South Brown County Community Foundation: Pictured are Hannah Macke, Haley Steinlage, Sarah Gerving, Steve Chartier, Eric Osterhaus, and Janet Ronnebaum. 

Nemaha Valley Health Care Foundation: Pictured are Wes Spohr, Crista McClintock, Kassie Pechanec, Courtney Schmelzle, Lacey Dalinghaus, Brenna Eilert, and Kristina Sudebeck.


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