Should I Top-Dress My Corn With Nitrogen?

Jun 05, 2020

Should I Top-Dress My Corn With Nitrogen?

Nicholas Blevins, Agronomy Account Manager

Did you know that corn takes up half of its Nitrogen (N) between V8 (8 leaf) and VT (Tassel)? Have you ever sent off tissue samples or soil samples to estimate the amount of nitrogen the corn needs to produce optimal bushels? Spreading out your Nitrogen applications is a good way to spread your risk and possibly reduce the cost of input.

With Nitrogen being a constituent of protein in the corn plant, it is needed in high quantities. When N is deficit within the plant, the ending result will lack in yield and stalk quality. During the rapid growth stage, or V6 (6 leaf) to V18 (18 leaf), corn will absorb up to 8 pounds of nitrogen per acre per day. To properly maintain your N level, remember it takes 0.9-1.0 lb(s) of nitrogen to produce 1 bushel of grain.


Ag Partners Coop provides multiple ways of getting Nitrogen to your crop. We have Nitrogen in many forms; Pelletized dry fertilizer (Ammonium Nitrate, Urea), Liquid fertilizer (32%, 28%, 10-34-0, 8-21-4-3S-1Zn), and Gas (NH3). We also can apply all these different forms of nitrogen with our variety of application services, including Anhydrous bar, Dual Application Anhydrous bar, sprayers, Dry Fertilizer spreaders, and Aerial.

Our technology team and intern group have taken a proactive approach to tissue sampling to provide quick and responsive results. When tissue sampling, we take the samples during the cooler hours of the day, before the plant reacts to the heat. This provides better data for the decision-makers in your farming operation. Contact your Agronomist if you are interested in Tissue Sampling so you can make a reactive plan to your crops’ needs.

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