Drops on a Sponge

May 25, 2023

A couple of months ago, Pastor Shane from my church was teaching from Exodus and veered off to talk about reading your Bible, and he was fired up. During that sermon, he said two things that have stuck with me. First, and this part is irrelevant to this week's thoughts but still important, he said, "If you want to hear God talk to you, read your Bible out loud." The response in the church was a collective gut punch mixed with chortling. The second was an analogy that forms the basis of this week's thoughts. He had a bowl filled with water, an eye dropper, and a couple of dry sponges sitting on a table. As he demonstrated, he explained that most of us think that reading your Bible works like dunking a sponge in water. You get in it one time; it absorbs everything and comes out overflowing. Unfortunately, that's not the case. He then pivoted to depict reality using the eye dropper and the sponge. He said, "Maybe you start reading your Bible for a few days" and placed a drop on a dry sponge for each day. He explained how many of us quit the habit after a few days, and what we absorbed dries back up, and sometimes even becomes harder than before. He concluded the analogy by demonstrating what it looks like if you begin reading consistently, again adding a drop for each day. After a couple of months, the sponge had taken in enough to saturate and begin overflowing. With that visualization, let's look at how it applies to our business.

  1. CLARITY – embrace it and hold each other accountable.
  2. OWNERSHIP – when you know the why, you'll know the way.
  3. ATTITUDE – take ownership with intentionality. Don't rent it, own it!
  4. LEADERSHIP – be positive in finding success.

 One specific focus within this initiative: 

Center every decision we make around an exceptional customer experience.