The Growth Cycle of Generosity

May 02, 2024

This morning I’m listening to the thunder and falling rain in Seneca as I finish part of my morning routine, reading from my Bible. During that reading I once again came across this verse from Proverbs 11:25 — "The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself." What I love about this verse is that it doesn’t just talk about the spiritual benefits of being generous; it also highlights the truth about how giving can benefit us, not just in our personal lives but at work or anywhere else we go.

I believe that often, we think of generosity as giving something away and not expecting anything back. But this proverb shows us that giving is actually more like a circle—what we give comes back to us, sometimes in ways we don't expect. At Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc, where our work is closely tied to the land, it’s easy to make that connection. Just like feeding the land carefully brings us a good harvest, being generous brings us good things too.

In our jobs, being generous can look like many things. It might be sharing what we know with someone at work, helping someone learn something new, or just being patient and understanding when things get busy. Some people are built in a way that makes these things come naturally, and it makes working with them wonderful. One example of that type of person is Terry Broxterman. Terry is patient with everyone who is making an effort. He generously gives smiles and makes me feel better every time I’m around him. He’s generous with his time, patience, kindness, and wisdom and that makes his generosity something to be emulated.

But generosity isn't just for work. It works the same way with our friends and family. When we’re kind, patient, or supportive, we make our relationships stronger and more able to get through tough times. Just like this rain watering newly planted crops, every small act of kindness contributes to the growth and strength of our personal connections. Think about the last time someone helped you without being asked or offered a word of encouragement on a tough day—these moments likely made you want to pay them back for their kindness. In the same way, when you offer your support or understanding, you're building trust and gratitude that make your relationships better and more resilient. Whether it's taking the time to listen to a friend's problems without judgment, helping a family member with a challenging task, or simply sharing a moment of joy, each act of generosity (like this rain 😊) feeds the roots of your personal life, ensuring those relationships can flourish and withstand whatever challenges may come.

That leads me to this week’s challenge… Think about ways you can be generous every day. It could be listening to a coworker, sharing some advice, or just being nicer in how you talk to people. Every kind act is like planting a seed of goodness that will grow and come back to you.

I’m thankful that you went to work today, that you took time to read this, and that you’re a part of what makes this world amazing.